The Special Range

Once They're Gone, They're Gone

Our special range is always changing as we test new flavours, experiment with different style, or create beers we've always dreamed of making. Each beer will only be made once so you'll have to act fast to not miss out, and on some rare occasions if a special works extremely well it will be granted Core Special status and will get to live on.

All our specials are available in 9 Gallon Cask and 5/10/20 Litre Bag in Box

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Captain Toffee Stout

ALC. 4.6% VOL | IBU: 21

Captain Toffee Stout came from our desire to create a delectably sweet stout without the use of lactose. With a lot of body and plenty of lingering sweetness, we've managed to capture that thick and creamy taste you'd expect from a creamy stout but without losing that classic stout bitterness. 

Captain Toffee Stout will return next winter and hopefully in bottles too.

Toffee Stout

Jolly Toffee V5
Hop, Stock, & Barrel

Hop, Stock, & Barrel

ALC. ?% VOL | IBU: ?

 The Hop, Stock, & Barrel series was created to use up remain hops and stocks of malt, allowing us to not waste resources while creating excellent beers. Sometimes even we don't know how each brew will turn out, all we can hope is point it in the general direction of what we want and then let it run its course. Of course we will still make each batch taste as best it can and remains up to the same standard as our other beers. 


Knot What You Think

ALC. 4.4% VOL | IBU: 22

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it a traditional bitter for after a hard days work? Knot What You Think is exactly what the name suggests. It's not what you think. Unless you thought it was an Irish Red Ale with a strawberry aroma, and then you'd be spot on... maybe. Knot What You Think was created by throwing our Carolus Rex III and The Devil's Triangle recipes together and then carefully adjusting them to give us the best of both. Plenty of strawberry character, hoppy aftertaste from Belma hops, and a beautiful red colour that's pleasing to the eye, Knot What You Think embodies the very confusion we had for this beer! 

Knot What you Think
Mangoes Overboard

Mangoes Overboard

ALC. 4.6% VOL | IBU: 27

When a man goes overboard, he may find himself surrounded by a sea of mangoes, especially if he was onboard a ship carrying a full cargo of mangoes. Our Mangoes Overboard is a sweet little pale that packs a hefty mango punch on both the nose and taste buds, whilst still featuring the classic hoppy bitterness of a pale. Swim in that mango sea and see where the fruity tides may take you.


ALC. 5.6% VOL | IBU: 52

Come Aboard the J.S.S. IPA and set sail for a world of hoppy character. This Jolly Sailor Ship of a beer uses a whole shipment of Nectaron hops, creating a massive amount of fruity depth with plenty of pineapple and grapefruit flavour. A sprinkling of some Citra goodness rounds it out with some classic American Citrus before sailing home to the English beery harbour.



  York Beer Festival | September 2016
Pale and Amber under 4.0%

Bullseye Bitter: Gold Award

  York Beer Festival | September 2018
Pale and Amber 4.5% - 5%

Circle of Loaf: Bronze Award

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Silver in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2023
Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2023
Selby in Autumn - "Gold" in Bitter Category

  SIBA Bottle & Can Awards 2023
Selby Kolsch - Silver - Session Lager -

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