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Our Core Range has been adjusted and perfected over the course of our operation, delivering a traditional drinking experience while ensuring new drinkers have something easy to get them into the world of Ale. Our Flagship Selby Blonde has been a staple in range since first opening, although it has gone through a name change, and we sloly expanded into a wide range of styles for people to choose from.

All our Core Range is available in 9 Gallon Cask, 5/10/20 Litre Bag in Boxes, or 500ml bottles*

*Only Selby Blonde and Selby Kolsch are currently available in Bottles

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UntitledSelby Blonde

(Formerly Jolly Blonde) 

ABV: 3.8% | IBUs: 20

Our Flagship Beer, the Selby Blonde offers a subtle floral character from the Savinjski Golding hops and a delectably smooth bitter aftertaste that's sure to whet the appetite. This refreshing and quaffable blonde beer is perfect for any occasion.


Selby Blonde
Selby Bitter New

Selby Bitter

(Formerly Bullseye Bitter) 

ABV: 3.8% | IBUs: 29

Winning our first award back in 2016, our Selby Bitter delivers that classic bitter taste you'd find in any traditional brewery. A smooth, caramel body lays the foundation of its tasting experience, with just the right amount of bitterness to create truly traditional classic.


Selby Pale

(Formerly Jolly Gold)

ABV: 3.9% | IBUs: 27.2

For those who desire a little hop in their life, our Selby Pale is perfect. A very quaffable pale ale, Selby Pale is hopped with Cascade to create a fruity flavour with a citrus aroma and taste, injecting a little American character into a classic English beer.



Selby Pale
Selby Kolsch

Selby Kolsch

4.4% abv | IBU: 20


An ale/lager hybrid, this German Style pale beer uses an ale yeast to create nice fruity flavours and put through the lagering process to deliver that crispness and drinkability. With the best of both worlds, our Selby Kolsch is perfect for those wanting an easy drinking beer or lager drinkers wanting to try something new.



Selby Stout

ABV: 4.5% | IBUs: 27

You can't call yourself a traditional brewery unless you have an excellent stout in your arsenal. Born from the desire to make our milk stout accessible to everyone, the Selby Stout features plenty of body and creamy goodness without the need to use lactic, making it suitable for lactose intolerant and those on a vegan diet.



Selby Stout New


  York Beer Festival | September 2016
Pale and Amber under 4.0%

Bullseye Bitter: Gold Award

  York Beer Festival | September 2018
Pale and Amber 4.5% - 5%

Circle of Loaf: Bronze Award

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Silver in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2023
Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2023
Selby in Autumn - "Gold" in Bitter Category

  SIBA Bottle & Can Awards 2023
Selby Kolsch - Silver - Session Lager -

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