The Seasonal Range

Beers Dedicated to Each Season

Our range of seasonal beers are aptly named as we've tried to capture the taste and feeling of each season into a bottle of beer. The "Selby In" series also features a lovely picture of Selby in each season in order to capturing the beauty of our district that plays host to our brewery. We only brew one batch for the season, so once its gone you'll have to wait for it next year.

All of our Seasonal Beer is available in 9 Gallon Cask and 5/10/20L Bag in Box

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Selby in Spring

Selby in Spring

ALC. 4.0% Vol. | IBU: 27.2

 Available from March

With Spring in mind, we set out to capture the beautiful floral aromas of the flowers and tress, so naturally we went with a light and refreshing pale that lets the hoppy characters sing. Earthy and floral character were on the hoppy menu for this creation, ensuring our seasonal beer embodies the flowery feeling of spring, beautiful floral aroma and a smooth hoppy taste. 


Selby in Summer

ALC. 4.0% Vol. | IBU: 27.2

 Available from June

When it's hot and you just want to relax, then a light and refreshing beverage is a must. Our Selby in Summer tries to capture the feeling of summer, with its light body, easy drinkability, and flavoursome fruity notes creating that perfect relaxing at the beach vibe.


Selby in Summer
Selby in Autumn

Selby in Autumn

ALC. 4.0% Vol. | IBU: 32

 Available from September

The crunchy leaves and slight chill in the air evokes the feeling of autumn, and while we realised it's not a good idea to put crunchy leaves in our beer, we still wanted to capture that visual aspect. A beautifully refreshing amber beer was the ideal choice and adding subtle fruit and floral notes captures the coldness of autumn, think Blackberries amongst the colourful leaves of autumn. 


Selby in Winter

Alc. 4.0% Vol. | IBU: 21

Available From November

 Winter's in Selby are cold and mostly frosty, sometimes its sleet but those rare occasions we get a nice helping of snow and it look magical. Trying to capture all that in a beer seemed impossible... and it was, which is why we opted to delivering something that was light and warming to help keep us toasty during the cold period. A golden ale with warming Winter flavour from Perle and Hersbruker hops, our Selby in Winter let's you drink your worries away while enjoying the simplicity of it all.


Selby in Winter
Winter Saison V2

Winter Saison

Alc. 6.6% Vol. | IBU: 27

Available From November

Our super popular Winter Saison is back and it's even stronger! A Belgian Saison style beer, it delivers gorgeous fruity notes from a combination of hop character and a specialist yeast, while a smooth body provides and incredibly easy drinking experience. Perfect for warming up after a wintry walk.

 Winter Saison


  York Beer Festival | September 2016
Pale and Amber under 4.0%

Bullseye Bitter: Gold Award

  York Beer Festival | September 2018
Pale and Amber 4.5% - 5%

Circle of Loaf: Bronze Award

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Silver in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2023
Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2023
Selby in Autumn - "Gold" in Bitter Category

  SIBA Bottle & Can Awards 2023
Selby Kolsch - Silver - Session Lager -

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