The Core Specials

Coming out Here and There over the Year

Our range of Core Specials offers a flavoursome and different experience then those of our Core Range, but as these suit different seasonal periods we only produce them some of the months during the year, rather than all year round. Although that hasn't stopped some beers remaining popular for several months in a row.


All our Core Specials are available in 9 Gallon Casks and 5/10/20 Litre Bag in Boxes. All except Sailors Gold and Pale Sail Ale are also available in 500ml Bottles. 

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Sailors Gold

ALC. 4.5% Vol. | IBU: 17.5

A quest to create a truly crisp and refreshing ale. Our Sailor's Gold sets out to be a special treasure in our selection of beers. This beer started life as a desire to have something full of flavour while retaining lightness and complexity. We ended up producing a slightly stronger beer than we set out to originally, but after some experimenting over a few batches we realised we had it spot on first try. What was supposed to be a one off became one of our top sellers and a true member of our Core Specials. 

 Sailor's Gold

Sailors Gold
Pale Sail Ale

Pale Sail Ale

(Formerly Selby Pale)

ABV: 3.9% | IBUs: 27.2

For those who desire a little hop in their life, our Pale Sail Ale is perfect. A very quaffable pale ale, Pale Sail Ale is hopped with Cascade to create a fruity flavour with a citrus aroma and taste, injecting a little American character into a classic English beer.


Dark Ruby Mild

ALC. 3.6% Vol. | IBU: 27

Our Multi-Award winning Dark Ruby Mild, a happy little accident gave birth to this incredibly delicious beer.. Beautifully mellow and palatable with a mesmerising ruby hue, the Dark Ruby will give you plenty of complexity while it's low ABV ensures you can enjoy it time and time again. 


Dark Ruby Mild
Dark Nights Porter

Dark Nights Porter

ABV: 5.0% | IBUs: 19.7

The only named beer that's not changed since our rebranding, the Dark Night's Porter stands the test of time in style and taste. Smooth and chocolatey, our Porter is ideal to help warm you up on those cooler, darker nights, with hints of coffee and a slight smokiness helps round off this delicious Porter.


Amber Anchor

ABV: 4.5% | IBUs: 27

Anchor's away with this malty morsel. Forgoing any strong hoppy characters, our Amber Anchor is all about its malt profile. Providing biscuit and caramel notes and a medium body to give it some strength. It's hops have been selected to enhance its base malt character, giving the Amber a strong anchor on its flavour profile. 

 amber Anchor

Amber Anchor


  York Beer Festival | September 2016
Pale and Amber under 4.0%

Bullseye Bitter: Gold Award

  York Beer Festival | September 2018
Pale and Amber 4.5% - 5%

Circle of Loaf: Bronze Award

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Silver in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2023
Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2023
Selby in Autumn - "Gold" in Bitter Category

  SIBA Bottle & Can Awards 2023
Selby Kolsch - Silver - Session Lager -

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