Bag in Box

It looks, tastes, smells, sounds and feels like cask ale...

but it's so much more:

  • Lasts for a minimum of 8x longer than cask once opened

  • Stores easier because it uses less beer store/cellar space

  • Is easily transported because it's smaller and lighter than a cask

  • The product(s) can be rotated before it has been used up as it remains sealed

  • Can be used inside or outdoor (may require additional equipment)

  • It never comes into contact with oxygen so doesn't develop 'off' flavours

Further Information:

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Cask Ale + Bag in Box = Jolly Good Beer

So how does it all work?

After the brewing process has completed, Jolly Sailor wort (non-fermented beer) get served into a fermenter and left to sit between 18 and 22 degrees Celcius. Yeast is then invited to the party and left to gorge on sticky sweet wort for 4-7 days. 

Once our little yeasties have finished munching through their fermented feast we get delicious craft beer (yay!). But alas, now the yeasties are fat and full, they have eaten too much, outstayed their welcome and are lingering around for scraps. It's at this point we put the beer on chill to drop (or clear) them out turning the beer 'bright'. The brighter beer then gets racked (the posh brewing word for packaging) into casks. This is how all of our young beer, regardless of how it is packaged, starts it's life. 

After the beer has conditioned at cellar temperature, the casks we bestow the honour of becoming Bag in Box beer upon, are then turned onto their back, tapped, spiled and left to settle in exactly the same way a cellar person would treat them in any good real ale pub.

Once the beer has settled and we have checked that it's nice and clear we then decant it into a double lined food-grade bladder taking care to fill it all the way to the top without leaving any room for oxygen that would later spoil the beer. We then cap the bag with a push-and-squeeze style dispenser, seal up the box and it's ready to be taken away and enjoyed.

Our commercial customers (and some home users) often purchase an adapter from us and the beer can be drawn through a hand pump where it can be enjoyed creamy and with a head that laces down the glass as your drink it. As the beer is taken from the bag a vaccuum is created and the bag shrinks to the volume of remaining beer keeping it free from oxygen until it's empty and everyone is merry!


Video demonstration

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  York Beer Festival | September 2016
Pale and Amber under 4.0%

Bullseye Bitter: Gold Award

  York Beer Festival | September 2018
Pale and Amber 4.5% - 5%

Circle of Loaf: Bronze Award

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Silver in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2022

Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  Rotherham CAMRA Beer Festival 2023
Dark Ruby Mild - Gold in 'Mild' Category

  York CAMRA Beer and Cider Festival 2023
Selby in Autumn - "Gold" in Bitter Category

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